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Sreemuruga metal fabrications began with a motive to provide our customers with new designs and patterns from all over the globe. Thus bringing to our customers an new set of cultures and customs, shaping their home/buildings into a real dream heaven. We are now proud to tell that we have been successful in this agenda and we have been able to deliver our customer more that what they could imagine.

With more than 27 years experience in helping our customers in this segment, no Sreemuruga serves all over kerala with more than 1000 clients. Our mission now is to expand all throughout India, and bring a new viewpoint in the mind of our customers.

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Interior Design

Interior Design has always been one of our major services, we prvide beautiful interiors with eye catching looks.

Design Consultancy

Confused about designs for your home? Feel free to contact us and take our advice.

Residential Design

We design residential spaces with post modern materials and fabrics. Please contact us for more queries.

Commercial Design

We also undertake large commercial spaces for industries, offices etc transforming the looks of the same into something astounding.

Hospitality Design

Hospitality interior design covers a wide range of duties and tasks, from the floor plan to the color of the walls and the style of furniture. We provide the best of these.

Environment friendly

We also provide completely environment friendly materials which leaves an very small impact on the environment.

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